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If role-playing and third-person perspective gameplay happens to be a major attraction for you then Witcher 3 proves itself to be the ideal, and the most satiating game to play. Third in the series, Witcher 3 is the continuation of its preceding parts based on the Polish novel with the same title. Contrary to the popular belief, Witcher 3 not only retains the adrenaline-triggering game-play of the former Witcher games, but is also better when it comes to the captivating graphics and absolutely engrossing plot. The exceptionally large size (around 40GB) of the game might be unwelcomed by some gamers.

Good news for most people new to The Witcher series is that they can start the game straight away from the Witcher 3

without having the need to play the precedent parts to decipher the plot and missions. The developers have kept an excellent balance between the genre of the series and the features which make the game an attraction for the players. The game is said to have 16 hours of explicit scenes and nudity, making it a little inappropriate for younger gamers.

Geralt, the protagonist, is adamant to bring back his love-interest, Yennefer. Together, the two have the dangerous task to save their adopted daughter, Ciri, from the perilous enemy nation of Wild Hunt. The game is set in an open world, which widens the range of adventure-laden missions. For some gamers, the lengthy and difficult stages of the game might serve as a major turn-off. Gladly, the game comes with a trainer mode which can accelerate the rate at which the plot proceeds.

Gamers can choose to embark a horse and can even avail the option to sail during various stages of the game. Besides the main missions, there are a number of side missions that ought to be completed in order to progress the plot toward completion, seamlessly.

Witcher 3 is a highly-interactive game; besides having a role-playing genre, it allows non-player character interaction which eliminates all odds of the gamers finding the gameplay and the plot monotonous.

When compared to the previous games in the series, Witcher 3 surpasses them both in almost every aspect. The protagonist is better equipped in the third game, which is one reason why Witcher 3 can be regarded as the best of its kind. The fighting system has been upgraded, and the latest features have enabled Geralt to climb on obstacles and use magic in the event of an attack. Overall, the changes which have been introduced in Witcher 3 to distinguish it from the previous two games have only enhanced the gameplay to make sure that the players have the best gaming experience.

Witcher 3 offers only single-player gaming and is restricted to X-box, PC and PlayStation 4 which are two of the major factors which might influence the choice of gamers fond of role-playing. Other than that, Witcher 3 is the best game of 2015, which has received positive reviews from almost every major critic of the gaming world.